About Douglas Scientific Array Tape® Automation

Douglas Scientific LLC, is a rapidly growing laboratory automation company located in Alexandria, MN, with a team of over 100 professionals bringing together expertise in engineering, biosciences, automation, motion control, and other fields. Core to the Douglas Scientific mission, is a dedication to making the world a better place by delivering innovative laboratory automation.

Douglas Scientific Facility - Alexandria, MN

Douglas Scientific designs and manufactures a full line of laboratory instrumentation - Nexar® and IntelliQube® systems to enable PCR reactions in Array Tape.

As a leading automation company delivering on this mission, Douglas Scientific has enabled laboratories around the world to leverage the patented Array Tape consumable. This innovative microplate replacement consists of a continuous polymer strip embossed with microliter wells that can be used in a variety of laboratory applications. As a result, scientists worldwide have processed billions of samples at unprecedented speed and fractional costs in the areas of plant genomics, animal health, clinical diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. By partnering with the most creative and dedicated scientists around the world, the Company continues to deliver advancements to address several imminent global issues and threats.