Array Tape
Array Tape® - A continuous polypropylene strip, serially embossed with reaction wells in customized volumes and formats including 96- and 384- well arrays.
Nexar® - A modular, inline liquid handling system engineered to support high throughput processing of sub-microliter volumes in 96- and 384-well Array Tape.
Soellex® - An ultra high throughput PCR thermal cycler using a 3-chamber water bath capable of simultaneously processing up to three spools (230,400 reaction wells) of Array Tape or 152 384-well microplates (11mm).
Araya® - An inline scanning instrument that includes fully automated Array Tape infeed, bar code reading, fluorescence detection, and Array Tape out-feed.

Custom Solutions - The Array Tape platform is flexible and can be customized to support applications currently processed in microplates. The Douglas Scientific team pushes the boundaries of what is possible with industrial engineering. Our expertise in motion and movement, modularity and inline dispensing means we can modify our flexible platform to suit your goals, processes and applications. Contact Us about Custom Automation Service for your custom high throughput solution.

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