Emerging Array Tape® Technology and Innovation

Innovations in the Biotech Industry

MF3 Founding Partner

Douglas Scientific is positioned as a leader to deliver paradigm-shifting innovation in the field of laboratory automation, and has established an impressive network of technology alliances. Douglas Scientific is a charter member of MF3 – a consortium of industry and university scientists committed to micro and nano-fluidic research and innovation.

MF3 is a compelling entity formed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It is focused on the advancement of fluidic surface and interface analyses, design and modeling methods, development of modular components, and fabrication and packaging processes that may be applicable to defense and commercial applications.

Douglas Scientific is currently participating in several MF3 research projects with the top fluidics and bioscience experts in the world, and is actively testing innovation that will bring the next level of disruptive outcomes to our laboratory clients. To learn more click here

Protecting Our Food Supply

Douglas Scientific is proud to be a founding member of the Minnesota Association for Food Protection an affiliate of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP). This newly formed group has a mission to provide food safety professionals worldwide with a forum to exchange information on protecting the food supply and is comprised of professionals involved in all aspects of the food chain. Learn more at foodprotection.org.