Isothermal DNA Amplification

Efficient High Throughput Isothermal DNA Amplification

The Nexar® Optimized for Isothermal DNA Amplification is fully automated with walk away time. Achieve high throughput with inline sample and reagent handling, incubation and detection. Go from sample to answer in 15 minutes or less. Miniaturized reaction volumes of 1.6 uL (800 sample, 800 assay) will save up to 80-90% on reagents while increasing throughput to hundreds of thousands of data points in a day. Combined with high quality, repeatable data, this platform is the optimum solution.

Pipette Dispense

  • 96 and 384 Cybio Pipette dispense
  • Dispense volumes from 600 nL to 800 nL
  • Quadrant aspirate and dispense

Jet Dispense Options

  • Four Tip Dispense Jet
    • Supports volume range of 750 nL to 1,250 nL
    • CVs < 7%
  • FlexJet®
    • 4 or 8 channels
    • Single tip per array, quadrant dispense by tip, any tip, any well, any volume dispensing
    • Supports volume range of 250 nL to 2,500 nL in Array Tape®
    • CVs < 7%

Sealer with Integrated Chiller

  • Arrays rapidly sealed to prevent amplicon contamination
  • The assay is chilled down to 15° within seconds to enable precise incubation and temperature


  • Temperature: Ambient to 70°C
  • Accommodates various run sizes and times

Amplification occurs in 10 minutes or less

Inline Fluorescence Detection

  • Less than 40 seconds per 384-well array
  • Designed to support multiple chemistries, including: