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Flexibility and customization make the Douglas Scientific Array Tape® microplate replacement an excellent choice for our customers across the Agbiotech industry.

The Array Tape microplate replacement offers fully customizable well volume, shape, and configuration. It is particularly helpful for marker assisted plant breeding and selection. Array Tape can also be used to assist with large-scale quality assurance and quality control programs.

Use only the reagents and samples you need to complete a wide range of ultra-high throughput screening. Save up to 90% in reagent costs and decrease your lab’s cost per data point while processing hundreds of thousands of samples daily.

The Array Tape platform can significantly increase your lab’s throughput and dramatically reduce cost per data point for AgBio research and genetic testing.

Use Array Tape to discover markers that can:
  • Increase production yields
  • Provide resistance to drought
  • Offer pest and/or disease tolerance
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SNP Genotyping Equipment for Greater Quality Control

SNP genotyping can identify and select a plant’s genetic traits long before plant maturity. Quality control testing helps laboratories determine the presence of any cross-contaminants to improve plant quality and promote higher yield crops.

Enjoy a highly automated lab experience that increases your testing capabilities and enables continuous process flow with:
  • Douglas Scientific’s Array Tape microplate replacement
  • Nexar® in-line liquid handling and assay processing system
  • Soellex® PCR Thermal Cycler
  • Araya® inline fluorescence detection

Maximize your throughput and reduce your lab costs!

A Microplate Replacement that Works for Your Lab

Douglas Scientific’s Array Tape platform can be used to assist with AgBio analytical research for DNA, including:
  • Molecular assisted breeding and selection
  • GMO testing
  • In plant breeding applications
  • Backcross breeding
  • Fine mapping
  • SNP genotyping assays
  • Zygosity testing

Repeatable Data with Walk-Away Automation

With full automation from start to finish, Douglas Scientific products offer walk-away automation so you can process tests while you handle other important tasks in the lab (like analyzing data!).

*The products of Douglas Scientific LLC are not FDA-approved for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.