Douglas Scientific - New Markets Overview

The Douglas Scientific Array Tape® platform is the ideal combination of automated laboratory tools that are designed to improve your lab’s workflow and free up valuable time during processing. Douglas Scientific products can be used in a variety of lab environments, including:

Agbiotech Research

With fully customizable well volume, shape, and configuration, the Douglas Scientific Array Tape microplate replacement can be used to assist with large-scale quality assurance and marker assisted plant breeding applications.

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Healthcare Research Applications

The Douglas Scientific Array Tape platform is an excellent match for CLIA certified clinical laboratorries looking for a high-throughput solution for lab developed tests (LDTs) for SNP genotyping capabilities.

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Faster assay processing enables pharmaceutical research groups to conduct additional testing and increase the number of tests processed during a lab’s workday. The Nexar® inline liquid handling and assay processing system has also been shown to increase repeatability of lab results.

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Other Applications

The Douglas Scientific Array Tape platform can also be a helpful addition to assist with:
  • Food safety applications
  • Animal health diagnostic and genetic testing
  • Academic genetics research

If your laboratory requires high throughput and you would like to save up to 90% on reagent costs, the Douglas Scientific Array Tape Platform is the right choice for you.

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  • Nexar in-line liquid handling and assay processing system
  • Soellex® PCR Thermal Cycler
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