Healthcare Research Applications

Your Solution for High-Throughput Healthcare Research Applications

Healthcare Research Applications

The Douglas Scientific line of automated laboratory products aid in human health genetics, diagnostic and treatment research*.

Discover useful information about drug interactions with bacterial, small mammal and human genetics testing. The Array Tape® platform is a perfect match for clinical laboratories in need of a high-throughput solution for enzyme immunoassay and other SNP genotyping capabilities.

Our unique in-line sample and reagent processing provides a fast solution that is completely integrated with the Array Tape microplate replacement. Reduce your lab’s reagent and sample volumes by up to 90% to create a very low cost per data point testing solution that replaces your current microplate and liquid handling system.

The Douglas Scientific Array Tape offers fully customizable well volume, shape, and configurations so your research lab will use only the reagents and samples you need to complete a wide range of high throughput screening. Increase your lab’s throughput by up to 10x!

Learn more. Click to view the Douglas Scientific App Note, “High Throughput Sample Processing for Real Time Analysis with Miniaturized Reaction Volumes and Isothermal Chemistry

A Completely Automated Laboratory Experience

Enjoy an integrated experience that provides your lab personnel with walk-away laboratory automation, freeing staff to handle other important tasks in the lab while minimizing pipetting errors. Increase your laboratory’s ability to process a wide range of applications, including:
  • SNP genotyping
  • Insertion/deletion
  • Personalized medicine
  • End-point SNP genotyping
  • Mutation detection assays
  • Clinical genetics
  • Healthcare research
  • High throughput genomics
  • Pathogen identification and pathogen screening
  • Quantitative and qualitative molecular testing

*The products of Douglas Scientific LLC are not FDA-approved in clinical diagnostic procedures.