Araya® In-Line Fluorescence Detection System

Fully Automated Fluorescence Detection System

Araya® Fluorescent Scanner

Araya is an inline fluorescence detection instrument that includes fully automated Array Tape® in-feed, bar code reading, fluorescence detection, and Array Tape out-feed. Detection may be placed at one or more process points within the system configuration, providing a high degree of flexibility in process design.

Scan Time for 384-Well Array

The typical scan time of a 384-well array in Array Tape is 20 to 30 seconds.

PMT-Based Reading Modes

The Araya is a PMT-based system supporting detection of three different dyes in a single well. Each dye is read in a single back and forth pass over a column in the Array Tape. Current customers have selected mirrors and filters to read TaqMan™ and InvaderPLUS™ assays utilizing single (FAM, VIC, and ROX) or multiple dyes (FAM with "Redmond" Red).

The modular design of the Araya is ideally suited for integration of other scanning technologies. If your application requires different reading modes, Contact Us about a custom solution.

Data Logs Output

All run information is logged in XML files. The log files can be queried for errors, sample location, and dispense parameters while the run is in process. Configurable XML output LIMS summary files are also available. For information on data management and scoring, go to the Intellics® Software overview.