Intellics® Assay Monitoring and Management Software

Click. Query. Analyze. Transform your data into business intelligence!

Innovative software supports the Array Tape® Platform. The Dashboard provides centralized data management and instrument monitoring. Achieve advanced instrument operation and intelligent run optimization with Array Builder™. IntelliScore® transforms your data into business intelligence. All applications are web-based for ease of access and convenient maintenance. Powerful LIMS integration is facilitated through industry standard Web Services.

Intellics Software Suite Benefits

  • Dashboard
    • Remote instrument monitoring
    • Manage users, roles, and application permissions
  • Data Manager
    • Collects, correlates and organizes data pertaining to samples, assay, protocols and detection results
    • Sample and assay traceability to the well level
  • Array Builder
    • Rapid protocol generation
    • Enables 96-well quadrant dispense
    • Sample plate and assay wizard with time saving import features
    • Advanced Wizard provides ultimate flexibility with detailed control over array based actions
  • IntelliScore End-point
    • Scoring by assay or array
    • Score across multiple arrays simultaneously
    • Easy data selection and analysis
  • And more!
    • LIMS integration through industry standard Web Services
    • Configurable data export format
    • Customizable user interface

Array Builder
Array Builder

Intelliscore End-point
IntelliScore Endpoint