Nexar® In-Line Liquid Handling And Assay Processing System

Modular Inline Liquid Handling and Assay Processing System

Douglas Scientific Nexar

The Nexar is a modular, liquid handling and assay processing system engineered to support high throughput processing of sub-microliter volumes in 96- and 384-well Array Tape®. Using the indexing holes along the edge of Array Tape to accurately position and continuously feed reaction wells, the Nexar dispenses the samples and reagents, seals the Array Tape and winds it onto a dunker reel.

Pipette Dispensing

The Dispense Pipette features a CyBio head with 384 or 96 tips. It aspirates the samples from the sources plate and stamps them in the Array Tape. The dispense jet aspirates the reagent from the source plate and adds it to the samples on the fly. Aspirate and dispense volumes, along with CVs, are determined by the type and style of pipette and tip tray used.

Fluid Handling Chart


  • Parallel Channel
  • Number of Channels: 96, 384
  • Nexar Validated Volume Range: 600 nL to 800 nL
  • Nexar CVs: < 6.6% with 10 µL tips
    < 4.7% with 25 µL tips
  • Manufacturer Validated Volume Range: 0.2 - 25 µL

Dispense Jet

  • Independent, Multi-Channel
  • Number of Channels: 4
  • Nexar Validated Volume Range: 750 nL to 1,250 nL
  • Nexar CVs: < 7%
  • Manufacturer Validated Volume Range: NA


  • Number of Channels: 4, 8
  • Nexar Validated Volume Range: 250 nL to 2,500 nL
  • Nexar CVs: < 7%
  • Manufacturer Validated Volume Range: NA

Lab Adaptable Modularity

The Nexar and Araya® are comprised of interchangeable modules. The result is a best in class, plug and play, modular platform designed to fit your processes. As laboratory processes change over time, your investment will be protected as the system adapts to your laboratory requirements. Such modularity allows you to embrace change with simplicity, seamless operational impact, and minimal cost.

Nexar In-Line Liquid Handling And Assay Processing System Upgrades