Multi-Channel Dispense Jet

Four Tip Dispense Jet

Nexar FlexJet Dispense Jet

The Dispense Jet is an independent, multi-channel attachment containing four or eight nozzles to aspirate and dispense reagent from a plate to Array Tape®. The Dispense Jet moves horizontally (x and y-axis) and vertically (z-axis) on the Positioning Rail, allowing the nozzle(s) to reach any well in the Array Tape. Typically, a large volume of reagent is aspirated into each nozzle and smaller volumes are dispensed into the Array Tape. The Dispense Jet Attachment also contains a 1D/2D barcode reader that can read the 2D code on the Array Tape and the 1D code on the end of the plate.


  • Mechanism: Single jet solenoid micro-valve
  • Volume Range: 750 nL to 1250 nL
  • Precision: CV < 7%
  • Channels: 4


  • Mechanism: Micro-solenoid valves
  • Volume Range: 250 nL to 2,500 nL
  • Precision: CV < 7%
  • Channels: 4 or 8