Nexar® Plate Management

Nexar Plate Stacker

Nexar Plate Stacker

The Plate Stacker, mounted in the Expansion Block Module, is used to store source or reagent plates up to 335mm high in each of the two removable extruded aluminum chutes. Each chute can be designed as an incoming or outgoing rack. Plates are automatically moved to and from the chutes without manual intervention through use of solenoids, a motorized lift arm, and conveyor system.

AmbiStore™ Plate Handling and Storage System

AmbiStore Plate Storage

The AmbiStore plate handling and storage system from HighRes Biosolutions has been integrated into the Nexar. Sample and assay plates are rapidly delivered from the AmbiStore to the Nexar for transfer into Array Tape® wells. The AmbiStore adds significant storage capacity (managing up to 924 low-profile plates in the M model) with integrated barcode scanning for fast inventory tracking.