Instrument Services

Comprehensive Implementation Services

  • Pre-Installation Process: site review, factory acceptance testing and certified technician training.
  • Installation & Training: onsite installation, end user training and site acceptance testing.
  • Post-Installation Support & Service: 12 month comprehensive warranty, industry leading post warranty support programs and online support services.

Array Tape®¬†Optimization Services

Our Scientific staff will work with you to optimize the Array Tape Platform for your applications and assays. You will receive protocols used to generate high quality data on the system.

Douglas Scientific Support Plan

Your ongoing satisfaction with our products is paramount to us. We provide Support Plans that strive to prevent failures and deliver unprecedented response when service is needed.

Technician Certification Training Services

Many advanced users of the Array Tape Platform have participated in our Certified Technician Training. Provide key members of your lab with exceptional hands-on training, knowledge and skills. Participants will receive a formal Certificate, recognizing their mastery of the knowledge and skills required to operate and maintain the Array Tape Platform with a high level of competency.

Training Benefits:

  • Learn directly from Douglas Scientific experts who design, manufacture and maintain the instruments.
  • Small group learning environment with training tailored to meet attendee needs.
  • Hands-on training utilizing fully operational instruments, allowing for extensive learning without interrupting your process flow or risking damage to your instrumentation.