The Array Tape® Platform: Paradigm Changing Solutions

Array Tape
Array Tape Optimized for the Nexar® System (384-well format)
Array Tape Optimized for IntelliQube® System (768-well format)

The Array Tape Platform from Douglas Scientific® has revolutionized laboratory automation on a global scale.

Achieve quality data with repeatable results in a versatile, high throughput system at a lower cost per data point. Our in-line modular instrumentation is fully integrated and optimized for use with our revolutionary consumable, Array Tape. This low cost, flexible microplate replacement automates multiple laboratory processes on a single platform. The efficiency gains of this system allows scientists to focus less on processing samples and more on the results.

The unique combination of the Array Tape consumable with our instrumentation provides quality data and repeatable results at a lower cost per data point.

Microplate Based Technology without Manual Handling

The design of Array Tape and the modular inline platform maintains the versatility of microplate-based technology while virtually eliminating manual handling and complex robotics. This flexible microplate replacement enables inline and integrated automation of an entire laboratory and facilitates End-point PCR, qPCR and End-Point Isothermal DNA Amplification applications. Each 96-, 384-, and 768-well array is labeled with a unique barcode ensuring accurate identification of individual samples during and after processing. Customizable well arrays are also available, including RNAse, DNAse, and pyrogen-free options. See more details.

Nexar System

Step 1: Nexar liquid handling and assay processing
Step 2: Soellex PCR Thermal Cycler
Step 3: Araya Detection


The Nexar, our ultra high throughput solution, is an inline liquid handling system for sample and reagent processing in Array Tape. The instrument provides dispensing, sealing, source plate storage and optional processes such as incubation and dehydration. Flexible module configurations enable processing for a variety of applications. See more details.


The Soellex is a 3-chamber water bath capable of simultaneously thermal cycling up to three spools (230,400 reaction wells) of Array Tape or up to 152 microplates (384-well) in a single process run. See more details.


The Araya is a fluorescent detection instrument designed for automated scanning in Array Tape. The system is available as a stand alone instrument or an inline module for the Nexar. See more details.


Innovative software provides centralized data management, instrument monitoring, intelligent run optimization, protocol generation and streamlined data analysis. See more details.

IntelliQube® System



The IntelliQube is the next evolution of the Array Tape Platform and is designed for medium to high throughput processing. The system combines: sample and reagent dispensing, sealing, thermal cycling, and data analysis into a single, compact instrument. IntelliQube supports quantitative real-time PCR, end-point PCR and isothermal chemistries, allowing you to achieve walk away operation, high performance, lab efficiencies and quality data. See more details.


Combining throughput, efficiency and robust design, the Hydrocycler2 offers an attractive alternative to traditional thermal cyclers. The system uses three precise temperature controlled water baths to rapidly transfer heat from the water to the samples in the Array Tape consumable, providing greater efficiencies and increased throughput. See more details.

Automatic Continuous Feed Process

Here is one example of how a process can be streamlined. Consider a SNP Genotyping Application:

Build Assay
Typical Process
Step 1: Dispense 8 microliters a single 384- microplate at a time
Step 2: Seal the microplate
Step 3: Stack the microplates
Douglas Scientific Process
Step 1: The Nexar dispenses 800 µL sample and 800 µL reagent in the equivalent of 200 plates in a continuous strip of Array Tape, seals it, and winds the samples on a dunker reel
Typical Process
Run microplates through PCR 16 or 32 at a time
Douglas Scientific Process
Entire reel of Array Tape is loaded into the Soellex water bath for approximately 90-120 minutes
Typical Process
Dry Microplate
Douglas Scientific Process
Dry reel of Array Tape (optional on a custom centrifuge)
Typical Process
Scan Microplate (~ 1.5 – 2.5 minutes)
Douglas Scientific Process
The Araya scans the entire reel at a rate of 28 seconds per 384-well array
Plates per day:
Typical Process
150 microplates (384 wells)
Douglas Scientific Process
400 arrays (384 wells)
Data points per day:
Typical Process
Douglas Scientific Process
Lab processing time
Typical Process
10 hours
Douglas Scientific Process
8 hours

Environmentally Conscious and Cost Effective

The environmental benefits of the Array Tape Platform have been evaluated based on plastic, reagent and energy consumption. The results include:

View all the results in our Array Tape Platform Provides HTP Screening with Reduced Plastic, Reagent and Energy Consumption poster.